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Yankee Candle UK Q1 Fragrance Review

Yankee Candle UK Q1 Fragrance Review | Katie Kirk Loves
If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I am a massive candle addict! I have such a large collection of candles that it's boarding on un-storable, in fact right now I'm a woman on a mission trying to finish off all my half burned large jars to free up storage space. It's not a bad problem to have though really!

Yankee Candle are my favourite brand of scented candles. They release about four brand new fragrances each quarter, however this year we seem to be getting a lot more than that - they're being generous! I've seen previews of what's coming up and for the first time I think we're actually getting better ones than the US  (in my opinion) which makes such a nice change as I'm usually really envious of the fabulous choice they have! I usually get the tarts/melts in all the new fragrances when they're released to try as I find it's the best & most cost effective way to trial fragrances before deciding whether you want to buy a jar. Melts generally throw out a strong scent in its purest form as there is no wick.

I thought I would review all of the scents that we are getting in the UK over the course of this year. Giving each a score out of ten after I've sampled them.

Spring 2016 | My Serenity Collection

The spring quartet is named the My Serenity Collection - incidentally one of the Pantone colours of the year for 2016 is also called my serenity (a pastel lavender/blue) so I guess that might be why they named this collection. I was very excited to try all of these as they sounded right up my street and all in nice spring pastel shades.

My Serenity: “The definition of calm - warm pear and orange mingle with tropical flowers and soft musk.” If you loved Pink Sands (now retired) then you will love this one as to me it smells almost identical, perhaps a slightly stronger musk note. I'm thinking this will be perfect on a warm summers day as it's very relaxing and beachy. 8/10

Peony: “The rich scent of Spring's most coveted bloom, the peony, entices with notes of bright sweetness” This has turned out to be my absolute favourite from the spring collection! It's a sweet, spring-bouquet-like floral that reminds me of  lovely perfume - I'm thinking maybe DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom? I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of the throw seeing as it's quite a delicate scent. I like burn this one in my bedroom but it would be a great living room fragrance too. 10/10

Lemongrass & Ginger: "A fresh, clean mixture of gentle lemongrass and just-cut ginger - pure invigoration" This one is vibrant, unique and has already had rave reviews from the Yankee community. It has a strong throw of lemon and fresh root ginger and, for me, is a perfect scent to burn in the morning/daytime to perk you up! 10/10

Moonlight: “A subtle blend of bamboo, woody notes and bergamot - as intoxicating as moonlight on the water” I wasn't completely sure what to expect from this one but it smells like a cross between Yankee favourites Beach Wood & Soft Blanket to me and I really liked it! In a beautiful lavender blue shade I like this is a lovely tranquil candle ideal for the bathroom. 8/10

Pure Essence Part II

In the early part of last year Yankee released a range called pure essence which included: Aloe Water, Cassis & Shea Butter. All very pure, calming, comforting & almost spa-like scents that became very popular. So to follow on this year they have created another 3 fragrances to add to this range.

White Tea: “A delicate and relaxing scent of white tea with lemon gently swirled inside.” I was intrigued to try this one as I was a big fan of retired scent Camomile Tea, this however is nothing like that! I do really love this one though. It's very clean and rejuvenating, a lovely one to burn if you've been inside all day and feeling all stuffy or for an evening of pampering. 9/10

Verbena: "Flowering verbena matched with citrus and creamy vanilla-clean and refreshing." This is an interesting one and I believe as been very popular amongst Yankee fans. You wouldn't think from the colour of the wax that it actually has a lemony scent but magenta is actually the colour of the flower. It's just as described, a combination of lemon, floral & vanilla with a strong throw but it wasn't a favourite of mine. 7/10

Vanilla: “A pure vanilla fragrance that is both sweet and subdued, sugared yet creamy.” If you were a fan of the amazing, but sadly retired, Vanilla Satin then this one is for you! It's the closest scent to it that Yankee have brought out in my opinion. It's not a cakey/ice cream vanilla it's pure vanilla pod vanilla and it's divine! I'm definitely going to stock up on melts in this fragrance. 9/10
Overall I think Yankee have made a very good start with their 2016 releases. Look out for my upcoming review on the next quartet called Riviera Escape.

Yankee Candle UK Q1 Fragrance Review | Katie Kirk Loves
My Favourite Online Yankee Candle Retailers:
The Official Yankee Candle UK Site ~ Check out their 'Special Appearances' section for US Exclusives! ~ I love the sets of melts & votives they do when the new fragrances come out each quarter, so I can sample the newbies before buying any jars.
Yankee Scents 4U ~ An amazing site where you can purchase tons of US exculsives, plus old/retired fragrances & candle accessories that you cannot find on any other websites!
QVC UK ~ Great for their special value sets, exclusives and trios of large jars! 
Temptation Gifts ~ Probably have the most competitive prices for Yankee Candles on the web!
Have you tried any of these new fragrances yet? If so what are your favourites?

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