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Spring Candles

Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves

I do like to keep things seasonal when burning my candles! That isn't to say I won't sometimes burn my Blissful Autumn during spring or Summer Scoop in the winter months but I prefer to keep my home fragrancing fresh and floral in the spring time. That way I get a nice variety of fragrances across the year and it doesn't start to get boring. From fresh clean linen, dewy green grass and spring bouquets. I find it refreshing to burn these kinds of fragrances especially after the heavier, spicer scents I usually have over Christmas. It refreshes and rejuvenates the home, like a spring clean only much less effort! Also the colours of the wax & floral printed accessories make my home decor look more spring-like.

Most of these fragrances are still available in Yankee Candles current range and I have linked you to them in the title of each scent. However some of my favourites have now retired so will be harder to find unfortunately. You can always try eBay & Yankee Scents 4U, they will usually have some of the rarer scents listed especially in tart/melt form. You should also keep your eye on the Special Appearances sections (here and here) on the Yankee Candle websites as you will often find they bring retired fragrances back for limited times.

Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Peony | "The rich scent of Spring's most coveted bloom - the peony - entices with notes of bright sweetness."

Garden Sweet Pea | "The sweet perfume of delicate blooms accented with hints of pear, peach, freesia and rosewood."
Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Cherry Blossom | "A rite of spring ... vibrantly distinctive cherry blossoms with notes of bergamot, and sandalwood."

Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Fluffy Towels | "The fresh scent of clean towels warm from the dryer with notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily."
Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Granny Smith | "Fresh green apples perfectly juicy and ripe." I love bright, spring green colour of the wax. It really does smell just like a fresh, juicy and crisp green apple I can't get enough of it!

Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Daffodil | "Sun-drenched and fanciful. . . a lovely perfume of sweet blooms with a bright note of lemony citrus." To me Daffodil's symbolise Spring and Easter time.
Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Loves Me Loves Me Not | "A fresh field daisy with pretty White petals just waiting to be plucked oh, the anticipation!"
Blue Hydrangea | "The enticing scent of beautiful flowers with green notes and hints of hyacinth, lilac and vanilla."
Plumeria | "A peaceful escape filled with the sweet scent of beautiful garden plumeria flowers."
Pink Lady Slipper | "A wonderfully soft and sweet spring bouquet, reminiscent of lovely rose petals, jasmine and violets."
A Child's Wish | "A warm breeze of soft flowers and fresh green fields captures the sweet innocence of childhood days playing in the backyard."
Lovely Kiku | "The flower of happiness … the elegant, rejuvenating perfume of chrysanthemum blossom and warm vanilla."
Midnight Jasmine | "A seductively lush perfume of water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli, and mandarin blossom."

Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves

Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Honey Blossom | "The beautiful blend of flower nectar, honey musk, freesia and woods makes this both full and delicate"

Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Moroccan Argan Oil | "With hints of patchouli and sandalwood, the exotic aroma of rare argan oil creates a uniquely inviting ambiance."
Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Champaca Blossom | "The rare beauty and joyful spirit of enchanting champaca blossoms come to life in this captivating fruity floral nectar."

Spring Candles | Katie Kirk Loves
Lemon Lavender | "Clean and inviting ... a powdery fresh blend of tangy lemon citrus and sweet lavender flowers."

My Favourite Online Yankee Candle Retailers:
The Official Yankee Candle UK Site ~ Check out their 'Special Appearances' section for US Exclusives! ~ I love the sets of melts & votives they do when the new fragrances come out each quarter, so I can sample the newbies before buying any jars.
Yankee Scents 4U ~ An amazing site where you can purchase tons of US exculsives, plus old/retired fragrances & candle accessories that you cannot find on any other websites!
QVC UK ~ Great for their special value sets, exclusives and trios of large jars! 
Temptation Gifts ~ Probably have the most competitive prices for Yankee Candles on the web!
What are your favourite fragrances/candles to burn during the Spring time? I would love some new recommendations!

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