Thursday 31 May 2018

Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances

Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances

Five limited edition scents have launched at Jo Malone for Spring/Summer 2018! The Blossom Girls & Hot Blossoms and I recently popped along to my local Jo Malone store at House of Fraser in Chichester to experience them. 

“Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” ~ The Devil Wears Prada 

Well with Jo Malone of course it is! They have created some incredible scents that are incomparable with any others on the market right now. I will always gravitate towards a floral fragrance whether it’s spring/summer time or not so I was so excited for all of these.  

Hot Blossoms

These two are brand new in some very colourful & instagrammable bottles for all the carnival vibes!

“Dancing through the streets. Soaked in sunshine.

Streaked with colour. Surrounded by tropical fruits and flowers.
Discover two vibrant new scents, Cattleya Flower and Tropical Cherimoya. Blossoming for a limited time only.”

Tropical Cherimoya |A sea of green cherimoya fruit. Basking in the heat. Mouth-watering. Tempting. Topped with juicy pear. The sun-filled notes of passion flower. Warmed by Brazilian copahu resin and creamy tonka bean.”

Cattleya Flower Body Mist |A delectable beach-side cocktail. Cattleya, queen of the wild. Sumptuous orchid petals. Fresh and exotically floral. Stirred with sparkling citrus fruit. A splash of bitter gentian. Deepened by intoxicating vetiver. A spritz of pure sunshine. Lightweight yet luxurious, our Body Mist refreshes skin whilst enveloping you in the velvety scent of Cattleya Flower.

Blossom Girls

A trio of Limited Edition floral.
Fresh. Fun. Full of the joys of spring.
Blooming Plum Blossom. Playful Nashi Blossom.
And the Pretty Sakura Cherry Blossom.”

If you’re a long time Jo Malone fan then you may be familiar with these three as they have been released in years gone by as the limited edition spring floral for that year. However these ones were so popular that Jo Malone decided to bring them back for a longer period of time so everyone who fell in love with them the first time could stock up! I remembered Nashi Blossom (from 2 years ago I think) but the other two I wasn’t familiar with. 

Sakura Cherry Blossom |A pretty Blossom Girl. The lightness of spring. Pure and transient. Subtle layers of cherry blossom, rose and violet. Brightened with sparkling bergamot.

Nashi Blossom |A playful Blossom Girl. Pristine white petals. Succulent with nashi fruit and pear. A bite of crisp apple. Softened with rose and white musk.

Plum Blossom |A blooming Blossom Girl. Cerise splashes of plum blossom. Fresh with yellow plums. Billowing on a background of clean white musk.
Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances

Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances, Katie Kirk Loves,

Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances

Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances

Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances

These are the descriptions from Jo Malone. The fragrances are all available in 100ml bottles priced at £95 each and the Body Mist is £45. Tropical Cherimoya is also available in a 30ml bottle for £47. All for a limited time only whilst stocks last so get them before they’re gone!

Just like all Jo Malone launches they go to a lot of effort to create drinks inspired by the new fragrances. Lots of fabulous fruity cocktails!

Something that is particularly special about Jo Malone scents is the ability to fragrance layer. This is not something you can do (successfully anyway!) with just any perfume. All Jo Malone scents are uniquely designed so that they will work with each other. Therefore you can layer a wash, lotion and a spritz cologne in different fragrances on top of each other to create your own bespoke scent - how cool is that? You can have your own tailored hand and arm massage with your choice of scents at your nearest Jo Malone Boutique! Simply call up or book online at a time to suit you. For my hand and arm massage I chose Cherry Blossom paired with Nectarine Blossom & Honey Wash & Body Cream on one arm and then Plum Blossom with English Pear & Freesia Wash & Body Cream - because I’m always so indecisive when it comes to this part! Both combinations where beautiful so I’d recommend giving them a go if you’ve bought either of these new scents. I think the Cherry Blossom arm was my favourite and it’s on my list to try and pick up in Duty Free if I can. 

Typically I decided I wanted ALL five fragrances in my life, however my bank balance sadly won’t allow that! So I ended up going with the Cattleya Flower Body Mist as it’s a body mist is new formula from Jo Malone and I really loved it. Plus £45 for 100ml of Jo Malone anything is incredible! I also recently bought the Tropical Cherimoya in the 30ml as Jo Malone had an offer on for a free full sized body cream (which is worth £52) if you spent over £45 on that day was too good to pass up really wasn’t it?!

Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances

Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances

Jo Malone Spring Blossom Fragrances

Let me know if you have tried any of these new floral scents yet and which is your favourite?

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