Wednesday 3 February 2016

Lush Valentine's Day Collection

Lush Valentine's Day Collection | Katie Kirk Loves
I took a trip to my local Lush store in Chichester recently to have a look at what products they had out for Valentines Day this year. They had some beautiful and extemely tempting displays set out in there. Of course I didn't leave empty handed so here is what I picked up!
Lush Valentine's Day Collection | Katie Kirk Loves

Lush Valentine's Day Collection | Katie Kirk Loves
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar: This is the most beautiful bubble bar! I didn't just get this because I have an obsession with unicorns though, it smells incredibly relaxing and I think will make for a really luxurious bathing experience. Filled with Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Neroli.
Prince Charming Shower Cream: I picked up this special edition shower cream not just because it is limited edition but because I loved the sound of the fragrance combination. Pomegranate juice, grapefruit oil, soothing marshmallow root fair trade vanilla pod infusion, sounds yummy right?!

Lush Valentine's Day Collection | Katie Kirk Loves

The Kiss Lip Gloss: This is a light pink toned lipgloss infused with shea butter and melon oil. I don't know if I picked up a duff one but mine has gone slightly grainy, unless its supposed to be like that? Anyway I've just been dabbing it on which works okay and it is still a beautiful colour and tastes great.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection | Katie Kirk Loves
Lover Lamp Bath Bomb: I love this bath bomb! Fragranced with fair trade vanilla and brazilian orange oil and dotted with pink shea butter hearts. I had seen instagram videos of these dissolving in the bath and the little hearts break off and just lay in the water creating a dreamy bath!

Lush Valentine's Day Collection | Katie Kirk Loves
Other Valentines releases that I didn't pick up include the Roses All The Way Soap and The Kiss Lip Scrub.
Valentines Gift Picks
Lush Valentine's Day Collection | Katie Kirk Loves
This is the biggest & most expensive Valentines gift that Lush have released this year so naturally it's the one I want most! It contains eight items including the Prince Charming Shower Cream mentioned above and a delcious Passion Fruit Lip Balm. Also in this box is the Tender Is The Night Massage Bar which smells like strawberries, yum! If you're lucky maybe you can get your partner to give you a massage it.

Contains: Yuzu & Cocoa Shower Cream (100g), Prince Charming Shower Cream (100g), Love And Light Hand Cream, Toothy Tabs (Oral Pleasure), Serendipity Soap, Passion Fruit Lip Balm, Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub, Tender Is The Night Massage Bar.

Another lovely gift set and this one comes in a beautful heart shape tin that you can use to store things in afterwards! You have six items in here all perfect for creating sweet smelling romantic bubble baths, for one person or two?
Contains: Lover Lamp Bath Bomb, A French Kiss Bubble Bar, Rose Jam Bath Bomb, Tisty Toasty Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar.
 A trio of bath bombs are wrapped within this lovely gift set. Including the special Valentines bath bomb, Lover Lamp and Lush favourite Sex Bomb!
Contains: Tisty Toasty Bath Bomb, Lover Lamp Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

Lush Valentine's Day Collection | Katie Kirk Loves
For an alternative gift idea - why not wrap a bath bomb or bubble bar up in one of Lush's gorgeous Knot Wraps?! This Kiss A Few Frogs knot wrap is so pretty, not only does it save on wrapping but can be used afterwards as a cute head scarf.

Lush Haul | Katie Kirk Loves

I did pick up a few non Valentines items too. The Oatifix facemask as I needed one to replace my beloved Cranberry facemask! This one is a different texture, its less smooth and doesn't have the clay base so appliction is a little trickier but it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soothed aand moisturised. The best part about this mask is that you can smell all of the divine ingredients it contains, bananas, oatmeal, almonds and vanilla! It says to leave it on for just 10-15 minutes but I've been leaving it on longer as I can't stop smelling it!

I decided I just couldn't live without this delicious smelling Popcorn Lip Scrub in my life! It truely does smell like popcorn I could quite easily eat it.

Last up I got this softening Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil only £2.00, it smells like marshmallow and candyfloss and turns your bath water a dusky peach shade - whats not to love?!


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