Tuesday 22 September 2015

My Topshop Wardrobe

Topshop have created an exciting new online tool! It's called My Topshop Wardrobe. You take a quiz and at the end it tells you your style persona and you get tailored recommendations from Topshops collection unique to you! How cool is that?

Topshop mentioned it in their online newsletter and thought I'd have a look. I've been having a play about over the last few days. I have seen other similar ideas in the past from other brands (and they can be a bit, "meh") but nothing as thorough as this one. It's definitely the best one so far. You start with you age, how confident and adventurous you feel you are with your style and your celebrity fashion icon. I would've perhaps liked a wider choice of celebrity style inspirations however, I went by the descriptions mostly. You are then asked to describe your style in 5 words which from then on left me with the impression that Topshop have created numerous outcomes for your tailored wardrobe so it is as unique to you as possible. Rather than just coming out with simply an A, B ,C or D stereotype. You're given sliding scales such as - How much you enjoy shopping (...duh!) and how organised is your wardrobe (no comment!). You give you height, weight, measurements and your body shape. It appears that Topshop can then calculate which size you should be in their individual items of clothing. Which I think is awesome because more often than not I find myself ordering a couple of sizes (particularly in trousers) not knowing which size I will be depending on brand or style.

I think this is a great thing if you're stuck in a style rut and want some new ideas to just step out of your comfort zone a little i.e. with accessories. In fact you can select whether you want recommendations to suit your current style, current style plus new suggests or a complete style overhaul. 

Screenshots taken from topshop.com

I got "The Pretty Girl - you're all about your feminine side mixing in girlie fun dresses with a touch of geek chic accessories." I think this description of my style is fairly acurate and the recommendations they're given me so far I have been impressed by. I think I might actually end up trying out some of these combinations! 
You can try the Topshop Wardrobe Quiz for yourself and get your own tailored wardrobe suggestions. 
Have you tried this out yet and if so I'd love to hear your thoughts. It's a bit of fun but I reckon it might actually be quite useful too. Which girl are you? Let me know in the comments!

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