Thursday 15 April 2021

My Top Spring Prop Picks

 Spring Photography Props & Home Decor, Girl sitting on a bed in sage green pyjamas holding a rose and a mug of tea there are lots of floral spring props like cushions and flower garlands around her.

Hi everyone, it's been a while! This is actually my first blog post of the year. I've been in a bit of a funk with my blog for some time now not knowing where I want to go with it, how often I want to post and struggling with time management, juggling my other platforms. Blog posts are time consuming and I'm a real perfectionist I always want each one to be my best work. My blog means a great deal to me though and I really want to keep it going! I have got about half a dozen posts in the works now so I thought it was about time I started posting again. I won't be keeping to any kind of posting schedule on here it will just be as and when so if you want to keep up to date with me and my content then make sure you're following me on Instagram as I post on there daily and will keep you in the loop as to when my new blog posts go live too.

Today’s post is all about my love of seasonal décor and props. If you follow me on Instagram you will know I love to switch things up according to the seasonal in terms of colours and aesthetics. It all started with Christmas and then it has slowly become a year round thing of wanting to reflect the seasons in my home, my wardrobe and my photography props. I think it feels nice to give things a little refresh and even just a few small changes can be really effective. I will be sharing a few of my favourite picks here some of which I already have, others are on my wish list!

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A cosy movie night shot watching Notting Hill on a laptop on a bed with lots of green and yellow floral spring props surrounding. You can see the girls legs on the bed wearing floral socks

Cushion Covers:  

I use cushion covers as a key part of changing my seasonal décor. It’s so easy to switch them up and make a real impact whether it’s the bedroom or living room. Plus I like that the covers themselves are easy and compact to store! I generally use Amazon, eBay and Etsy for my cushion cover finds. You’ll see them crop up in all my ‘cosy movie night’ shots and anytime I’m sat on the bed or sofa.  Some of my spring favourites that I’ve bought recently:  


Similar to cushion covers, throws and blankets are a great, simple way of switching up my themes and seasonal décor and add a lovely pop of colour. Most of mine I’ve had for a while now but here are a few I have found for you in some seasonal spring colours: Spring Green ThrowDuo of Yellow Throws and Lilac Throw


 Flowers are the obvious addition to give everywhere a spring refresh but it doesn't always have to mean splashing out on fresh bouquets. Dried flowers are a wonderful alternative to cut flowers and they will last for longer! Here is a beautiful dried flower bouquet I found on Etsy that comes prearranged and in 4 different colour varieties. This silk rose arrangement also looks beautiful. I picked up a set of dried pressed flowers to apply to my face for a few spring floral makeup looks and they work really well.

Garlands/Hanging Decorations: 

I love this colourful Happy Spring Banner I've already used it in one of my cosy movie night shots on Instagram. I have both the pink and the white faux cherry blossom garlands for draping across my headboard and shelves: Pink Cherry Blossom Garland and White Cherry Blossom Garland. Ginger Ray always do some beautiful décor pieces that I bring out year after year and this Rose Gold Flower Garland is going to be another one! This Trio of Rose Wreaths are so pretty and unusual. They would look good hanging from doors or all together on a wall as a statement piece. You may have spied these Artificial Hanging Wisterias hanging on my wall as a backdrop in many of my Instagram posts already this spring. Not being able to get out and photograph actual spring in the outside world this has been a good way of bringing spring inside!


 I love fairy lights, I think they’re so cute to drape around a mirror, headboard or to take out in the garden for evenings outside. Here are a few spring themed picks for you: Green Vine Fairy LightsFairy Lights and Cherry Blossom Flower String Lights.


I do love a mug! So here are a few of my favourites that have a bit of a spring vibe: Monogram Garden Party MugDaffodil MugPink Plant Parent Mug and Lemon Mug 

 I also have a couple of baskets which are perfect for collecting flowers in and displaying around your home. This Natural Wicker Basket is similar to mine and then I also have this Flower Trug which is lovely for carrying picked flowers flat. I picked up this gorgeous Cream Lace Parasol for some of my spring shots this year and I love it so much.  This Enamel Floral Glass Teapot is the cutest and so lovely for afternoon teas at home and in the garden. You can also pick up matching cups too!

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I really hope you have enjoyed this post. Please let me know if you get any of these pieces!

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