Thursday 17 December 2020

12 Charities To Donate To This Christmas 2020

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We are all aware that this year has been tough on every single one of us around the world: physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. Charities are one area in particular that have suffered. Charities that help to support and protect the most vulnerable people in our society. Covid-19 has cut the ability for most of these charities to fund new research in half or more so it’s really important we support them now more than ever. So this year, if you can afford it, make a donation to one of these charities even just a small one. Or perhaps instead of giving a gift to a loved one, someone who already has everything they need, make a one off donation in their name to a charity and put a note in their Christmas card to say that’s what you’ve done. I think it’s a really thoughtful gift! So I'm doing this instead of regular gift guides this year. I had planned on doing a few but to be honest I don't have time and I think this is better anyway! Even if you could donate just a couple of pounds to each one, it would make a massive difference to these charities if everyone did that this Christmas.

So I’m going to give you a brief outline for the 12 charities I’ve chosen and a link to donate. Obviously I have chosen some fairly prominent charities alongside a few smaller ones that are close to my heart. I realise there are many many smaller charities that need our support and it’s nice to look to your local ones first so if you have any you’d like to share drop them in the comments below!

Crisis: Homelessness can happen to anyone. Particularly this year more than ever with so many people loosing their jobs during the pandemic. Crisis is a national charity working towards ending homelessness for good. They provide accommodation, employment, support and practical solutions to help people rebuild their lives. DONATE HERE.

Age UK: Age UK is such an important charity, particularly now during the pandemic when so many older people have been isolated and alone in their homes all year long some of them barely seeing anyone. Age UK give older people someone to turn to for support when they feel like they have no one. They provide information and advice so people know their rights and make the best choices for later life. Tackling loneliness, retaining independence and giving advice on healthcare. DONATE HERE

Mind: This charity is very close to my heart as I myself have experienced mental health issues since being diagnosed with my chronic illnesses when I was 13 years old. I have anxiety and have taken anti-depressants. 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem and yet the stigma of talking about it and seeking help is still there and hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling. Mind believe that no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. They listen, provide support, advice and help empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They are campaigning to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding and won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. DONATE HERE

Marie Curie: Marie Curie fund nurses, hospices and a free helpline to offer care for people with all kinds of terminal illnesses, including terminal cancer, towards the end of their lives. They help to provide the best quality of life during palliative care and retaining the independence & dignity of the patient. Whilst providing to the whole family as well and also a bereavement service which is so important to have when you’re grieving. DONATE HERE.

World Land Trust: We all know looking after our environment and getting a grip on climate change needs to be top on the worlds & our own personal agenda right now. World Land Trust is an international conservation charity that fund the creation of reserves and provides permanent protection for threatened habitats and endangered wildlife. Sir David Attenborough is their patron and they work on raising awareness in the UK and elsewhere of the need for conservation, to improve understanding and generate support through education, information and fundraising. DONATE HEREYou can also visit their shop and buy Christmas cards, reusable water bottles and donate to planting a tree all of which would be great gifts for loved ones whilst supporting a great cause! SHOP HERE

Chronic Disease Research Foundation: As someone who was born with chronic health conditions this particular charity means a great deal to me and is definitely one I will be making a donation to! CDRF are an independent medical research charity funding a wide range of gene research programs that aim to discover the cause of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, long term COVID, arthritis, dementia, back pain, and migraine. With the aim that their research will contribute to the development of future diagnostic tests & treatments. They are also currently funding two new projects which will investigate the symptoms of Covid-19 and ‘long Covid’ - those who end up with long term symptoms afterwards. DONATE HERE.

Stop Hate UK: Stop Hate UK is one of the leading national organisations working to challenge all forms of Hate Crime and discrimination, based on any aspect of an individual’s identity including race, disability and LGBTQ issues. Along with campaigning and raising awareness they also offer training programs and education! DONATE HERE

Hartlepool Giving Tree: I’ve seen this one doing the rounds on Twitter and had to include it as I’ve just recently made a donation myself. They liaise with charities across the UK and the recipients are children and young people who are vulnerable, often having escaped domestic violence, forced to flee their homes quickly and leave all possessions behind. Without Giving Tree, these children may not otherwise receive a gift at Christmas. How it works is that you select a recipient from the list, in my case it was a girl aged 7 who wanted a kite and another girl wanted a unicorn. Then you buy the item and use the delivery address for the charity provided. I think it’s such a lovely idea to help give a child a happier Christmas! DONATE HERE.

The British Heart Foundation: Now this one is very close to my heart (pun intended) as my Mum suffers from various heart conditions so I like to look for anything I can do to help support research into the conditions and treatments. The British Heart Foundations vision is a world free from the fear of heart & circulatory diseases. They fund research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart and circulatory diseases and rely predominantly on voluntary donations to meet their aims. DONATE HERE

Cancer Research UK: I doubt there is anyone reading this who hasn’t been affected by Cancer on some level. Whether it’s a loved one being diagnosed and watch going through treatment or having it yourself. Cancer Research UK fund scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner as well as providing valuable Cancer information to the public and support to those going through the process of diagnosis and treatment. Their vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers have a cure and I hope with all my heart that that day is within my lifetime! DONATE HERE

RSPCA: I am and always have been an animal lover and the idea of anyone being cruel or abusive towards an animal is abhorrent to me. The RSPCA are one of the oldest welfare charities around and campaign to protect animals of all kinds and end cruelty for good. They have worked to pass protection laws to improve welfare so animals can live free from pain and suffering. They rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in need all around the country. DONATE HERE

Red Cross: The moto of the Red Cross is: connecting human kindness with human crisis which I think is such a lovely one! They help anyone anywhere in the UK and around the world to get the support they need if crisis strikes. From hiring a wheelchair, dealing with loneliness, returning home from a stay in hospital, assisting in emergencies, supporting refugees, help with financial struggles or helping to search for a missing family member the Red Cross is there. DONATE HERE.

Please let me know in the comments if you donate to any of these charities?

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