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Yankee Candle UK Q2 Fragrance Review

Yankee Candle UK Q2 Fragrance Review | Katie Kirk Loves

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I am a massive candle addict! I am continuing my review of all of the scents that we are getting in the UK over the course of this year. Giving each a score out of ten after I've sampled them.

Yankee Candle are my favourite brand of scented candles. They release about four brand new fragrances each quarter, however this year we seem to be getting a lot more than that - they're being generous!
I usually get the tarts/melts in all the new fragrances when they're released to try as I find it's the best & most cost effective way to trial fragrances before deciding whether you want to buy a jar. Melts generally throw out a strong scent in its purest form as there is no wick. This summer we're getting an early summer release of 4 fragrances as well as a launch in late summer of another 4 new scents, so it's going to keep me busy!

Early Summer 2016 | Riviera Escape Collection

This early summer quartet is named the Riviera Collection - I was very excited to try all of these as they sounded like a really idyllic collection, themed around the stunning Italian Riviera.

Yankee Candle UK Q2 Fragrance Review | Katie Kirk Loves
Riviera Escape | "A coastal scent of glittering promenades, full with hillsides of beautiful blossoms glowing in the sun." This is a beautiful fresh beachy scent that reminds me a lot of an old retired Yankee fragrance called Beach Walk, only this one has a slightly more floral note. I found the scent had a strong throw and this melt lasted longer than the usually promised 8 hours (before starting to diminish). I definitely recommend trying this fragrance out over the summer. 9/10

Yankee Candle UK Q2 Fragrance Review | Katie Kirk Loves
Summer Peach | "Ripe peaches straight from the orchard, warmed by the sun and begging for that first juicy bite." Even before I tried this one I was confident that it would be right up my street! I love the fruity scented candles Yankee produce especially to burn during the summertime. This one is so bright, juicy and delicious and it has really acted as a morning pick-me-up over the few days I used it. If you like retired fragrance Juicy Peach then this is an ideal replacement for you! 9/10
Yankee Candle UK Q2 Fragrance Review | Katie Kirk Loves
Sea Salt & Sage "Warm and inviting sage mingles with the clean, fresh scent of sea salt... like a relaxing walk along the shore." This I found to be a particularly relaxing, head-clearing fragrance. I think it would be perfect to burn if you're working from home or studying. It's very fresh and has a slight men's cologne feel which I liked. If past fragrance's such as Beach Wood and Midnight Oasis were favourites of yours I reckon you would enjoy this one! 8/10
Yankee Candle UK Q2 Fragrance Review | Katie Kirk Loves
Olive & Thyme “A fresh, herbal scent from the Mediterranean coast with olive leaf, citrus and musk.” I wasn't really sure what to expect from this one as it's so different from the usual scents Yankee bring out. At first I thought "Hmm, do I actually want to burn a fragrance that smells like Olives?" However I was curious enough (and obviously for the purpose of reviewing) to give it a try and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It smells to me more like a beautiful Italian olive garden, green, leafy and herbal, as opposed to like a bowl of olives! So I will definitely be burning this one again, perfect for a warm summer's day. 8/10

Yankee Candle UK Q2 Fragrance Review | Katie Kirk Loves

My Favourite Online Yankee Candle Retailers:
The Official Yankee Candle UK Site ~ Check out their 'Special Appearances' section for US Exclusives! ~ I love the sets of melts & votives they do when the new fragrances come out each quarter, so I can sample the newbies before buying any jars.
Candle Scentral ~ My local Yankee Candle store sells online too! They sell the Yankee Candle special appearance candles as well as Flamingo Candles.
Yankee Scents 4U ~ An amazing site where you can purchase tons of US exculsives, plus old/retired fragrances & candle accessories that you cannot find on any other websites!
QVC UK ~ Great for their special value sets, exclusives and trios of large jars! 
Temptation Gifts ~ Probably have the most competitive prices for Yankee Candles on the web!
Have you tried any of these new fragrances yet? If so what are your favourites?

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