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Loves List: June

Loves List: June | Katie Kirk Loves

Firstly I apologise for the lack of blog posts over the last couple of weeks! I try and keep to my schedule but what with personal life being quite hectic, new carpets being laid throughout our house (so stressful!) and my only free time being used up with editing my latest YouTube video (something I've realised I'm extremely slow at!) the blog has suffered a little. Hopefully I am back on track now. Onto today's post! Its time again to give you my list of beauty, fashion & lifestyle items that I have been loving during the last month...

Loves List: June NYX Soft Spoken Liquid Suede | Katie Kirk Loves

Loves List: June NYX Soft Spoken Liquid Suede | Katie Kirk Loves

NYX Liquid Suede Lip Cream in Soft Spoken & Liner in Nude Suede Shoes | This is the first time I've tried/hopped on the bandwagon of NYX products! Having seen them all over Instagram and in other bloggers posts I was really keen to give them a try. I love the slightly mousse like texture of the liquid suedes, it sits on the lips nicely without feeling too drying. This shade called Soft Spoken is a deep pinky-brown nude which I think really suits my skin tone.  I was impressed with how long it lasted, through sipping drinks & having a snack, although it did all come off after eating a pizza (but I think that was fair enough!). I've been pairing it with this Nude Suede Shoes lipliner, also by NYX Cosmetics. It's always useful to have a great nude lipliner in your makeup bag and I think this one is a great choice, it's creamy and ultra long lasting. NYX Cosmetics is available at Boots.

Loves List: June Elemis Skin Bliss Capsules | Katie Kirk Loves

Elemis Skin Bliss Capsules | These last few weeks I have been re-discovering my love for Elemis' iconic Bliss Capsules! After finding a pot of these beauts in a draw a few weeks ago (I think from a kit I bought from QVC a while back) I thought I'd give them another go. In each pot you receive a months course of capsules. Containing pure Moringa Oil they are designed to give your skin a 'deep cleaning' and leave it clear, glowing and rejuvenated! Use one capsule morning and evening after cleansing and toning your skin and before your moisturiser. In the morning you use one pink Rose capsule to stimulate micro-circulation and vitality. In the evening you use one green Lavender capsule to repair the skin and encourage a peaceful nights sleep. They are perfect to use in the lead up to a big event like a wedding when you've going to be photographed and want lovely glowing skin! Be aware though that due to their detoxing effects you are likely to get a few breakouts within the first 10 days of use whilst your skin is getting rid of all the trapped bacteria etc. So plan ahead! I haven't used a course of these for well over a year but I've fallen back in love with them. Twisting the little tops, squeezing out the oil, inhaling the aroma and pressing it into my skin it's just such a pleasurable experience.

Loves List: June Yankee Candle Riveria Escape | Katie Kirk Loves

Yankee Candle Riveria Escape | This was one of Yankee Candles UK scents out this April (or Quarter 2 as they call it). Riveria Escape is a beautiful fresh beachy scent that reminds me a lot of an old retired YC scent called Beach Walk, only this one has a slightly more floral note. Described as "A coastal scent of glittering promenades, full with hillsides of beautiful blossoms glowing in the sun." I found the scent had a strong throw and this melt lasted longer than the usually promised 8 hours (before starting to diminish). I definitely recommend trying this fragrance out over the summer.

Loves List: June Tarte Skin Twinkle Palette | Katie Kirk Loves

Tarte Skin Twinkle Palette | This highlighting palette has been so in demand by Tarte fans I thought I might never get my hands on it! Thankfully it popped up on QVC briefly and I managed to snap it up. First of all let's mention the fact it's called a skin twinkle palette, how cute is that name?! I love the idea of having twinkling skin. Secondly the packaging is on point as always with Tarte. This is part of their rainforest of the sea range hence the top having a lovely wave pattern in ocean colours. There are 3 shades of highlighting powders in this compact: Sunlight (champagne bronze), Filtered Light (matte creamy beige) and Moonlight (rosy, cool-toned pearl). I've been using the moonlight shade the most so far but they're all really wearable shades. Lastly the brush it came with is amazing, ideal for not only highlight but also contouring and I love the ombré effect.

Loves List: June Lush Prince of Darkness Face Mask | Katie Kirk Loves

Lush Prince of Darkness Face Mask | I picked up this face mask in Lush on Oxford Street on my recent trip to London. I was told it wasn't an exclusive product to the Oxford Street store however upon searching online I've found this mask isn't available anywhere else unfortunately, so if you like the sound of this you'll need to plan a trip to Oxford Street! I found it so different to all the other Lush masks I've tried in a really good way. The Prince of Darkness Face Mask is black in colour due to the purifying Charcoal with a clay base which doesn't dry hard - bonus, you can move your face! Charcoal is supposed to be excellent in face masks as it draws out bacteria and other micro particles and also helps to fight acne. It's smooth to apply which I liked, just some small exfoliating grains of sea salt in there. The mask also has a pleasant warming effect on the skin. The smell of this mask is incredible, it contains Lavender and Patchouli Oil. For those of you familiar with Yankee candles it reminds me very much of the scent of Witches Brew. I need another trip to Oxford Street because I'm desperate to pick up another one of these face masks!

Loves List: June Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil | Katie Kirk Loves

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil | I got this free in last months Elle magazine and it's been an instant hit in my makeup bag! This Brow Pencil is part of Benefit Cosmetics brand new Brow launch containing a collection of 10 products dedicated to perfecting your brows. The Goof Proof Pencil really is exactly what it claims to be, good proof! It is diamond shaped so the pointed tip you can use to create fine strokes and the flat end is a great shape for filling in. It's a good size for a sample. The shade that came in my magazine was Light 02 which at first I thought would be took light for my brows but it has looked pretty good every time I've used it so far! I'm thinking of popping over to a Benefit Counter sometime though and testing out a medium shade!

Loves List: June | Katie Kirk Loves

What products or items have you been loving over the last month?

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