Monday, 4 April 2022

Whimsical Willow Prints | My New Etsy Print Shop

I wanted to introduce you all to my new business: Whimsical Willow Prints. Which is a print shop on Etsy where you can buy colourful, seasonal photography prints for your home all shot by me! I’m based in the UK but ship worldwide.  

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I absolutely love photography and capturing the seasons and I have so many beautiful images sitting on my memory cards from trips & gardens I’ve been to. Mostly around Sussex where I’m based. I felt like they deserved to have their time in the spotlight! I tried selling stock images online for a while but after printing a few shots out for some frames I had at home I felt like they could do really well as prints. I’m offering a variety of sizes to suit your space plus print sets as well as singles. I am working on adding more spring prints to my shop and the moment with summer themed ones coming up next. 

Currently all listings are for the prints only. I may at some point look into offering frames as well but I will share some good websites to find frames on below. 

Find my Etsy shop at: It would make me SO happy if you could drop my shop a ‘favourite’ too!

You can also follow me on both Instagram and Tik Tok @whimscialwillowprints. 

Discount Code:

I have set up a special 30% off discount code for anyone shopping via this blog post! Just use code: BLOG30 for 30% off everything in my Etsy shop

My Collections:

I’ve put together some gallery walls for each collection to give you some inspiration & ideas on how you might like to put the prints together in your home and create your own gallery wall. I will update these as I add more listings to my shop!

Single prints are separated into collections so it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for and you can find the sets of duo’s and trio’s here

Sunflower Collection

I think my favourite print from my Sunflower Collection is this adorable bicycle print in a field of wildflowers with sunflowers in the basket: You can also find it in various sets including the duo pictured above.

Spring Blossom Collection

I am adding to this collection as I write this. So far I have added pink blossoms and white blossoms but I have plenty more to come including daffodils, bluebells & tulips.

Autumn Collection

Autumn colour is one of the most aesthetic times of the year. All those warm, golden tones are so beautiful and I think suit a lot of people’s home décor style. This trio print set is one of my favourites.

I do have many more autumn prints to upload to the shop but right now I’m focusing on spring & summer shots. Let me know if you like these autumn ones though and if there is demand I will prioritise listing more. 

Christmas Collection 

If you enjoy going all out with your Christmas and Holiday décor every year then adding some seasonal prints to your walls can act as another decoration! I’ve got some sparkly prints here in festive colours. I shot close ups of tree decorations and tinsel where I could play with the light, glitter & reflections to create some magical looking images. One of my favourite sets is this sparkling red duo.

More Prints:


Here are some UK websites I can recommend for finding frames to go with any prints you buy from me. You can go to John Lewis, Next and IKEA. I'd also recommend eFrame and

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my new venture! Let me know what your favourite collection of prints is and if you have any requests for a particular type or style of print?

*This post contains affiliate links: this costs you nothing extra but by ordering via my link I earn a small commission from the brand for referring you.*

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