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5 Ways I’m Taking A Break This Summer

 5 Ways I’m Taking A Break This Summer, Katie Kirk Loves, UK Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Bounty Milk Snacks, Take A Break, Freelance Blogger

I love being a content creator. Blogging and becoming a freelancer has been one the best moves I made in my life 4 years ago! Something I talked about in detail in this post(link). However sometimes my brain really can go to mush when I’ve been writing, editing, replying to emails, working on and planning content all day on screens etc. So I always make sure I take plenty of breaks, put down my phone and step away from the screens regularly to keep me sane. It really helps me to hit refresh and spark new creativity! So I can go back to things with fresh ideas and am usually much more productive and less likely to procrastinate too. So I thought I would share with you 5 different ways I like to take a break from my laptop/phone that most of you can also include in your work day too!

Create A ‘Happy’ Playlist: Music is always a big part of my day as it’s a sure fire way to lift my mood, get me going in the mornings or help me wind down before bed. I like to create playlists for these different times of day and my different moods! I’ve got two that I’m currently listening too. I’ve got my ‘Summer Anthems’ playlist with songs like: George Ezra - Paradise, Ella Eyre - Came Here For Love & Nicki Minaj - Starships etc. Which gives me all the upbeat summer vibes! I’ve also got my ‘Positivity Playlist’ which is great for a bit of motivation when I’m feeling a bit down and lacklustre. I’ve put songs on this one like: Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time, Taylor Swift - ME! & Shuree - One Girl Can Change The World. Just having a 10 minute blast of music between trying to blitz through my emails makes me feel so much better! Now yes, I do technically use my phone for this particular ‘break’ however I don’t have it in my hand, I usually make sure I put it down and leave it alone whilst my playlist goes.

Stop For A Snack: I always like to make sure I have a snack break to look forward to! Who doesn’t? It really helps to break up my morning/afternoon. Now I love it even more as my current snack of choice are these new Bounty Milk Snacks. They combine a soft thin layer of chocolate sponge topped with the creamiest coconutty mousse (which I would rather like a tub of on its own!) and coated in thick milk chocolate. I mean if that doesn’t scream heaven then I don’t know what does?! They come individually wrapped in boxes of 4 so ideal to share (if you can bare too!). They’re especially nice as they need to be kept in the fridge, so are the perfect chilled tropical treat. You can pick them up right now in Sainsburys for just £2.00 per pack of 4!

Go Out For A Walk: Fingers crossed we’re in for gorgeous weather this summer like we had last year (although it’s a taking it’s sweet time!) but even if we don’t I still like to try and get outside for a little walk each day. It’s good to get some fresh air and being out in nature is proven to benefit your mental health. I’m very lucky to live about 10 minutes from the beach in West Sussex, something which I think I can sometimes take for granted. But I find one the most relaxing things to do is go down by the sea for a walk, breath in the sea air and watch the waves. It’s always made me feel really calm. 

Meet Up With A Friend: Spending time with friends, for me, is the ultimate break. I’m not one of those people who is constantly glued to their phone when in company as I feel like a) it’s rude to whoever you’re with and b) you’re not enjoying the moment and you’re missing out on spending proper quality time with them. Being a freelancer blogger can be quite a solitary job on the whole so any chance to socialise is really good. So it’s lovely to arrange to meet up with a friend for lunch/coffee or have them over to mine and have that designated break already preplanned. I feel like it makes me much more productive either side of meeting up with them too. 

Have A Pamper: One of my favourite ways to take some time out is to have an at home pamper session! I light my candles, put on some chill out music, do my full skincare routine and then choose a face mask. Bliss! I think even just ten minutes with a face mask on does me the world of good. Never underestimate the benefit of self care! It’s very tempting to check my inbox or my Instagram notifications at the same time but I do try my best to leave it alone for those 10-15 mins. A hot bubble bath and a book is also the perfect way to relax if you have a bit longer. I also find painting my nails really relaxing, I know some people don’t but I’ve always loved it! I think because I’m just focusing on that one thing rather than multitasking. 

5 Ways I’m Taking A Break This Summer, Katie Kirk Loves, UK Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Bounty Milk Snacks, Take A Break, Freelance Blogger

5 Ways I’m Taking A Break This Summer, Katie Kirk Loves, UK Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Bounty Milk Snacks, Take A Break, Freelance Blogger

{AD} This post is in collaboration with Bounty Milk Snacks, all opinions are my own. The Bounty Milk Snack Bars are available now at Sainsbury’s RRP £2.00 per pack of 4. Let me know if you try them!

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